About Us

About us

In the year 2010 LaBakeAmore was born as a small enterprise with big dreams. We aimed to introduce the Bakery as a career choice. Culinary Arts is a passion that needs a nurturing environment to mature. We, at LaBakeAmore, sow the seeds of bakery education. Our courses cater to culinary enthusiasts from all walks of life, from domestic hobby fulfillment to catering to the needs of the professional baking industry.

The organization came into being with a basic Home baking course spread over 3 days. By 2011, it had expanded to a 4-week Baking and Entrepreneurs course. 2015 saw the advent of the 14-week diploma course and the LaBakeAmore grew from strength to strength. The Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Yojana scheme saw the organization bloom into a huge presence that is in synergy with industry needs.

The Baking and food industry is an industry that keeps redefining itself with the changing needs and trends of society. Newer techniques and job requirements require LaBakeAmore to keep evolving with the times. Our vision is to be an industry leader in the procurement of trained manpower in the field of Culinary Arts. Training people with a drive and making them employable in this burgeoning industry is our motto.

The institute believes in becoming the tool that hones the student’s expertise. Hands-on training in a professional environment makes the student proficient, confident and dextrous. The extensive alumni also take an active role in networking with industry professionals, and the strong link with their Alma Mater creates an environment that is conducive to generating meaningful employment for the next batches.